Wednesday, January 15, 2014


At the MacDowell Colony painter, artist Kristin Cammermeyer invited me to her Votive Chapel studio for a type of collaboration.  She invited me to respond to her installation painting by writing a poem for her studio opening.  I fell in love with her three dimensional installation painting immediately and took notes on the shapes and colors, took a few photographs, then left to get to work on it.

Outside my studio I found a group of collapsed trees holding each other in place, creating the diamond and V shapes found in Kristin’s Votive Chapel installation.  I placed a chair in front of the trees to mimic the shapes with my legs, then arms, standing, sitting, then on my back in the freshly fallen leaves.  Then the notes, taking notes between physical movements, moving legs in and out of V patters while writing, then holding one arm overhead, craning a V pattern moving into wider, then narrower patterns, writing all the while.  FUTURE BACK OF A HAT is the resulting poem from my notes.  It was a pleasure working with such a brilliant artist!