Monday, December 10, 2007


Make little pictures you SHOW TO NO ONE! These are NOT useless, random doodles! These little pictures are your private declarative shit stains, blood splatters, tears, sperm, etc., fucking etc.! I mean to say that these little pictures are you in your greatest human element of the greater animal element we each push forward. Make little pictures. SHOW NO ONE! If someone finds it, burn it! Take your most recent little picture and place it under a glass of highly charged water at night near your head before you go to sleep. To charge the water take a piece of quartz crystal, place it in a glass (the water can also be high in silica already, check for silica content) and in the morning drink the water while looking at the little picture. NOW, after you have stared long and hard at the picture after drinking, begin writing. Fuck the alarm clock, BE LATE FOR WORK! Unless you drive an ambulance or fire truck YOU'RE ALLOWED TO BE LATE! Write, and write and write!