Monday, August 29, 2016


“Spare any money?”  I panhandled outside Asheville Downtown Books and News to buy lottery tickets to win big time to pay for surgery for a new vagina.  I will name a patch of pubic hair after Governor McCrory, whose mouth looks like a little talking asshole. The McCrory Patch I will call it and it will be kept combed and trimmed and I will rub my thumb in a circular pattern into the patch when his angry asshole lips are in the news.  He has been a Christian extremist politician for as long as anyone around here can remember, and he is the architect of the HB2 law that prevents transgender people from using public toilets that match their gender identity.  He tried to stop a production of the play “Angels In America,” he tried to prevent the Charlotte Gay Pride Parade from marching in a public space, suggesting that they have the gathering at a hotel.  He also supported the YMCA for refusing membership to an openly gay man and his partner and son, stating in a letter to the man that he might want to consider a gym membership at the Jewish Community Center.  McCrory’s supporters create prayer chains from the driveway at his mansion in Asheville and down the highway, praying that the governor keep their Christian extremist values intact.  I took notes for the poem.

One man said it was rude to name a patch of pubic hair after the governor and I said it was rude of the governor to legislate hatred.  Every time Christian extremist politicians speak out against LGBTQ people they sanction gay bashing and promote self-hatred in LGBTQ people who are already straining to negotiate survival in a highly charged religious and political landscape of morality.  The culture of destroying queers is alive and well and we need public action.  I have come to vandalize American Christian values for they have cost the lives of people I love.  “Spare some money so I can play Powerball for a new vagina?”  I took notes for the poem and bought some lucky feeling tickets that made my brand new vagina sparkle and tingle in the future.

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