Saturday, January 10, 2009

#25 legs do it all!

legs do
it all
head bobbing
a free ride

it's no
telephone she
holds a dying
bird to her
ear as legs
get them
there the
names of
you 'n' me

This poem from my book DEVIANT PROPULSION inspired our new exercise. First put pen and paper in four locations around your home. Make sure you do this when you are completely alone, and ignore the doorbell, ignore the phone. In fact unplug the phone. Now get naked and position your upper body in a pose, HOWEVER YOU WANT, limbs above your head, our out to the side, head tilted if you want, but find a pose, and make certain it's a pose which is unusual for your body. Then STIFFEN into place! All muscles above your waist should be stiff and frozen into place. Let you legs walk you around your home like this. Your legs can skip, run, or slowly, slowly move your body through the rooms. Your eyes can move in your skull, but don't move your neck at all. Have your legs and waist bend you into things like lamps and shelves, have your body touch things by the strength of legs and waist. Go over to your first set of pen and paper. Walk around the pen and paper, touch it with a foot, or knee. Then relax your upper body, sit down and WRITE NOTES! Sit there and write and write and write! Then find a new pose and dance through the house again. Go through this process untill you have taken notes at all four locations with four different, stiffened poses. Now take all of your notes, and using THE FILTERS "CLENCH" and "VANTAGE" get to work shaping your poem.

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