Thursday, April 15, 2021

Poets on Death

It was the poets who helped me the most when many people I loved died in the early years of AIDS. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I asked 33 poets to please share with us their thoughts on the subject of death.

Many thanks to Janice Lee and ENTROPY Magazine for amplifying poets' voices during this latest health crisis. Much gratitude to the poets who shared extraordinary parts of themselves about one of the most challenging experiences of our lives.

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Please click HERE for Part 1:
Samuel Ace * Vidhu Aggarwal * Will Alexander * Kay Ulanday Barrett * Anselm Berrigan * Anne Boyer * Zoe Brezsny * Anne Carson * Angel Dominguez * Abou Farman

Please click HERE for Part 2:
Tonya Foster * Peter Gizzi * Raquel GutiƩrrez * Sueyeun Juliette Lee * Jimena Lucero * Jo Mariner * Anthony McCann * Tanner Menard * Fred Moten * Eileen Myles * Gabriel Ojeda-SaguƩ

Please click HERE for Part 3:
Tommy Pico * Ariana Reines * Raquel Salas Rivera * Prageeta Sharma * Cedar Sigo * Christopher Soto * Brian Teare * Jackie Wang * Emerson Whitney * Dara Wier * Elizabeth Willis * Joey Yearous-Algozin