Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

#54 Crystal Nexus

for David Buuck who eats the dirt

Find a gemstone speaking to the YOU you are today. RHODONITE speaks to me today. (STUDY THE MAGICAL PROPERTIES OF YOUR STONE). Sleep with it under your pillow. Ask 3 friends to take turns sleeping with it but be certain you 4 are 2 women and 2 men. If you don't have this many friends we need to work on getting you more love. You don't need to share information, you don't need to share dreams, you don't have to all write poems, JUST TRUST the stone to carry the nexus. After each friend has returned the stone keep it ON YOU all day. Rub it along your ears, bridge of your nose, your forehead ESPECIALLY your forehead. The shared dreams of you 4 will coalesce WILL ENGAGE newer spaces inside your stone. Wash it thoroughly after all 4 of you have DREAMT INTO IT! Then swallow it. Be certain to purchase a smooth, tumbled stone of course, NOTHING WITH SHARP EDGES. Don't die. Please. We're here for poems, this is not the time to die. Swallow your small gemstone. Don't worry you will pass it out the next day. But while you SLEEP with the stone in your belly IN YOUR INTESTINES moving to your lowest chakras DREAM with your crystal representative inside you INSIDE YOU. What is it like the next morning? What notes have you been taking? Take notes about your notes. Take notes about how you hold your pen. This is a beautiful moment, having the Earth's hardened gem travel through you after friends have dreamt into it with you. What do you have to say? What plan do you have for the stone? What area of your life has it covered? What stranger can you approach tomorrow and make a new friend from? PULL THE POEM OUT OF THE NEW FRIEND AND THE STONE. You are REQUIRED to make a new friend. Your love will INCREASE! Let your love increase. Let the poem shape itself from notes of your stone, your old friends and your new friend.


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