Saturday, May 31, 2008


Don't be afraid this one is too difficult, just do it! Wolf recordings are available from different nature recording companies. OR, have your friends get together and howlHOWL around a recorder. People sound like wolves when we want to. Take your wolf recordings howlingHOWLING out onto the streets. If you live in a city BUSY CITY it's especially disturbing. Turn the volume up a bit to hear howls at lunch carts and subway stairs. Turn the volume down a bit to hear background howls, the everyday howls. Bring something to chew. Lunge at doorways. Don't worry, no one will bother you, you're a poet, just say you're a poet writing a poem, they will understand. Have some coffee beans to smell once in awhile so you can break your nose open. Get your nose OPEN. Then SNIFF everything, SNIFF yourself! Did you bathe before leaving? Well if so SNIFF others SNIFF your pencil SNIFF your books SNIFF metal SNIFF grass! Sit where you can drift out of view to watch everyone in the howling frame. How do you fit into the world you see? How you do not fit into the world? Wolves worry about such things all the time, making certain to understand where they fit. Do you eat meat? You don't need to eat meat, but if you do, eat your meat. I'm a vegetarian wolf myself, but eat my carrots like they're legs of soft, jerking, gentle fawn! NOW WRITE, and WRITE for as long as you can, an automatic response to your time with the HOWLINGhowling ON THE streets, POET, you are a POET, a howling one! Now, take a DEEP SNIFF of coffee grounds, again, and loosen yourself, and listen again to the howlingHOWLING while you read through the writing, and find what is true, and remove it, and live with it, add to it, remove more if need be. Listen to the howlingHOWLING again, in the dark, let it lead you through the words by flashlight or candle! BE DRAMATIC, don't be afraid to BE DRAMATIC, poet, writing, poet writing!