Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Piezoelectricity has proven the capacity quartz crystal has as a battery for electrical charge as well as its ability to store and transmit information. Let’s take it a step further, a step FORWARD! Purchase a small clear quartz crystal. Set it in a bowl of salt over night to clean it. When you wake, flush the salt down the toilet, rinse your quartz, and DON’T LET ANYONE put their hands on it from now on. It’s YOUR crystal, don’t even let them SEE IT!

Choose one of Mr. Shakespeare’s sonnets for an English-to-English translation, or have someone choose one for you. Paul Legault and Sharmila Cohen chose sonnet #6 for me. I translated two lines a day for seven days by holding my crystal to my mouth like a walky-talky to whisper the lines, SHOUT THE LINES. Several times every hour I STOPPED, held my crystal to my mouth and spoke into it, “Then let not winter's ragged hand deface / In thee thy summer, ere thou be distill'd:” JUST LIKE THAT! Tell your crystal the lines over and over throughout the day. “THEN LET NOT WINTER'S RAGGED HAND DEFACE / IN THEE THY SUMMER, ERE THOU BE DISTILL'D:” Years ago in a dream I found an enormous cluster of crystals emerging from a forest floor. A voice whispered to me, “Crystals are the bones of the Earth.” Talk to your crystal, talk to our planet’s bones!

At night I spoke the two lines into my crystal one more time, then instructed the crystal to PLEASE translate the lines for me in a dream. Programming our crystals is our right as citizens of the Milky Way, but they respond best with PLEASE and THANK YOU! In the morning, before rising, I placed my crystal on my forehead and meditated for a few minutes, lying quite still, just like that. Then I picked up pen and paper and wrote the first two lines that came to mind. Then I thanked the crystal, and started over with the next two lines.


(book trailer animation by Luca Dipierro)

A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon from Luca Dipierro on Vimeo.