Thursday, January 28, 2021

MR. SQUID! Thank you Mr. Squid!

What an HONOR to be on MR. SQUID'S poem mixtapes with Lianne La Havas singing a beautiful song! THANK YOU Mr. Squid! 3 (Soma)tic Poetry Rituals and their resulting poems. Please CLICK HERE to read and listen!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

5 Elements Forming A Sixth

Each day this January, I am developing new relationships with natural elements. During the covid pandemic, I am staying in Seattle, so there is plenty of rain. I take a bowl of freshly cooked millet or rice or whatever I made that day out to the park bench where I sit and eat in my raincoat and hat—coating spoonfuls with freshly fallen water, which just dropped 3,000 feet from the sky onto my spoon. Water moving at 18 miles per hour to zero on impact with the grain. It is delicious and cool on the tongue. Each drop recycled for billions of years, rivers of the stuff flowed through veins of dinosaurs, ancient mammals, and our ancestors, from their mouths to ours. The sixth element is the imagination, which designed the other five. 

Another part of this daily (Soma)tic ritual includes watching the sunrise online in a different part of the world each day. Today I watched the sunrise in Tokyo via this outdoor public webcam: 

Eventually, I will watch all of these webcams in a row for 24 hours to witness the sunrise all across the planet, nonstop. The January rituals are the work I am doing to prepare for a larger one called "Ignition Chronicles." 

Two poems resulting from this new ritual are in ISSUE 8 of BLAZING STADIUM magazine. Please CLICK THIS LINK to read them.