Saturday, January 19, 2008


Wear a shirt with a breast pocket over your heart. Put a dark chocolate candy bar in the pocket. Walk to a tree, study the bark, and branches, give it a proper hello. Press your left palm against the trunk for a little while, looking at the world around you. You are radar. Put your back against the tree, resting your body into its strength. With your right hand find your pulse in your left wrist. Keep a steady thought on the pulse and imagine your blood moving up to your heart, pumping beneath the chocolate bar in your breast pocket. Your blood, it's your blood, your heart, and they're saying hello to the chocolate bar, Hello Chocolate Bar, because they are saying Hello to themselves ahead of time. After a little while remove the chocolate bar from your pocket, break it in half. Drop one half at the foot of the tree, and let the other half slowly dissolve in your mouth. Don't be shy about the world of chocolate and all it wants of you once it's inside you. Your pen and paper GET YOUR PEN AND PAPER your blood your chocolate blood is ready! Write your poem RIGHT NOW!