Sunday, October 23, 2016

Spider Symbiosis: Time With Freya

A large spider moved into the house in early October and built her web above the large crystal grid made of gemstones gifted to me and collected for more than thirty years.  In the center of the grid is a glass water pitcher with 9 pieces of clear quartz in the bottom, gathering the transmissions from all of the crystals in the surrounding grid and infusing the water.  I asked the spider her name and later that night dreamt of the goddess Freya hanging from a thread on the ceiling.  When I woke it made me happy to know the spider is named after a favorite Norse goddess.  I took notes for the poem.

Each morning I meditated with the grid and drank from the crystal-infused water, chanting and humming and toasting Freya above me.  On warm days I opened the doors and windows for insects for her web.  Freya grew large enough to catch a bee in her web that she eagerly spun into a bee-sized package with her spinneret.  I took notes for the poem.  I carved a pumpkin that by the 9th day of candlelight began rotting and attracting fruit flies that I herded with a peacock feather up into Freya’s web.  I slowly ate the toasted pumpkin seeds while watching Freya eat the flies fattened on sweet, delicious pumpkin meat.  The notes became a poem titled, “...”