Sunday, December 29, 2019

Getting Ready!

I am spending time with friends in New York the weekend before New Years Day 2020. There is going to be a heavy rainstorm, as much as an inch and a half of water. This approaching storm is PERFECT for a ritual cleanse to prepare for the new calendar.

There is a secluded section of the yard where we can each spend time privately standing naked with head back, facing the oncoming water, arms stretched as high as we can reach. We are going to build the ritual ingredients, but the focus is around each of us getting time in the storm. We will be writing notes for the poem before and after the rain, but also explaining what we want for the coming year without words. It could be drawing, dancing, whatever we want to communicate without words. We plan on having 9 ingredients, and these are just two so far. HAPPY NEW YEAR! MORE POETRY! MORE CREATIVITY! THEREFORE MORE SOLUTIONS FOR THE WORLD!