Tuesday, March 30, 2010

THE AMAZING Courtney Shumway!!!!


This beautiful digital art is by Courtney Shumway, using a bit of my (Soma)tic text. Below is Courtney's (Soma)tic Project with video! ENJOY!

Thanks Courtney for making my day!!!!


The first in the new series of videos is up!


For those of you who I haven't talked to about this project, I am working on a series of videos based off of poet CA Conrad's (Soma)tic Poetry exercises - more information on these works can be found here:


For the videos, I am engaging in each of the (Soma)tic Poetry Exercises ( http://somaticpoetryexercises.blogspot.com/ ) with individual artists, in whatever way seems appropriate, remains true to the practice, and results in some digital poetic love.

Ideally, each experiment will result in:
1) a unique interpersonal experience
2) a poem
3) a video

As with the Four Seasons piece, this project is being organized in an "Object-Free" manner, so if you are interested in participating, however you choose to interface with it will work. For example, here's a link to a video my friend Narayan did to kick us off a few weeks ago:


Does it fit the structure of the piece? Not a bit. Is it part of the experiment? Obviously...

I hope all of you will consider joining this project as participating artists. There is room within the structure for all manner of performers, artists, dreamers, and risk-takers, even if you have never identified as a poet. Keep in touch regarding scheduling over the next several months. If you are out-of-state...whatever...let's work something out...we're creative people, right?

Incredible, abundant love and thanks to Quinn Myers, for being the first to offer up his time, experience, and poetry to my digital machine.

Let the new cycle begin!
~ Revolotus