Sunday, December 5, 2010

#51 a Mercury Retrograde FREE FALL

Let’s surrender to the turmoil, find a poem in the clattering increase. Mercury is communication, Mercury’s retrograde has grades of dysfunctional communication. Enhance these troubles with food from Mercury’s temple: dill, carrot, celery, and LEMON lots of LEMON. ENHANCE close listening in this time of hard listening. Carry an agate, wear yellow, lots and lots of yellow. Take careful notes through the three-week period of the planet’s retrograde cycle: arguments with others, miscommunications, or HOW MANY TIMES did you feel thwarted unnecessarily or jealous or angry or confused and stupid? Careful, thoughtful awareness of WHAT EXACTLY IS our listening? What are these ears? I remember a particular venison stew as a boy, meat from a young stag. Later I saw an old doe by the creek, she caught my eye, tilted her head, twitched her tail. She KNEW I ate her son, her delicious son, and it was horrible. FILLED with his spirit I leapt from stone to stone to fallen tree. HOW do molecules of a digested Being reach AND BECOME our own senses? How? Through blood? Gliding the aura’s taut surface? We walk through waves of sound all day long, birds fly through them, dolphins SEE with sound. SEE with sound. Dolphins SEE inside structures with their sonar. Engage with animals, in fact allow ALL communication doors wide open. Willfully take the flood into your life and into your home. Notes notes, take many notes, the poem will follow.