Sunday, March 13, 2022

REHEARSING PHILADELPHIA: March 25 - April 10, 2022

THIS is the video of the performance:

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The Solo I wrote will take place on location at Community Legal Services, and the voice and performer will be the legendary Jonathan Stein.

27 ONWARD: Dancing in the Revolution
At the age of 27, Jonathan Stein fought for immigrants' rights at the U.S. Supreme Court alongside his colleagues and won. That was the 1970s, and just the beginning of a life spent making room for compassion in our harsh world. The attorneys at Community Legal Services have provided free legal aid and representation to low-income people for more than half a century. They have stood with those facing racism, poverty, and other forms of violence from unjust laws and institutions. For most of Jonathan’s legal aid career he pursued modern and post-modern dance and has performed in over two dozen dance works. He will be the voice of 27 ONWARD, performed inside the home of Community Legal Services at 1424 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. The stage will be set on the 2nd floor, overlooking a magnificent arch of historic Mercer tiles depicting images that celebrate the lives of working people. See you there!

Many thanks to Ari Benjamin Meyers for inviting me to write one of the Solos