Thursday, August 1, 2013


From Walnut & Broad St. to Walnut & 19th I stopped for every security camera.  Philadelphia watches us always, FUCK YOU WATCHING US ALWAYS!!  Several in one block I took notes, it was noon, it was twelve just as I wanted it to be.  I took notes for the poem, notes notes notes. 

A little basket of edible flowers:  nasturtiums, roses, pansies, I eat pansies, I LOVE pansies small buttery purple lettuce!!  At each security camera I paused, looked into the camera, DIRECTLY IN THERE and stuck my tongue inside a flower.  Flicked it in and out, in and out, flicking, licking, suckling blossoms.  A security guard asked what the fuck was I doing, “I’M A POLLINATOR, I’M A POLLINATOR!!”  This was the only thing I was allowed to say for the duration of the security camera pollination application, “I’M A POLLINATOR, I’M A POLLINATOR!!”  I took notes, took many notes, and the notes became a poem titled, “I WANT TO DO EVERY / THING WRONG JUST ONCE”