Thursday, August 29, 2013


for Charlotte Annie and Whitney Lemon

Using bandages or tape fasten a small piece of rose quartz to the center of your breastbone in the morning and wear this throughout the day.  In the most crowded street approach strangers with a large notepad or clipboard with an outline of a human body.  At the top in bold lettering proclaim your city’s own HEART CHAKRA EXPANSION PROJECT:  Boulder, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Baltimore, etc.


Have a script, and talk as though you have memorized this script, “Hello, I’m from THE PHILADELPHIA HEART CHAKRA EXPANSION PROJECT, and we’re asking people today to
please tell us how they would like the expansion to work for them.”  Be ready to have bizarre conversations with people about WHAT this project may entail and what the possible outcomes could be.  Take notes for the poem between conversations with strangers.

At night in bed place the rose quartz on your third eye and write as fast as you can without thinking.  This is to release any stored information from the quartz, and writing as fast as you can will help alleviate any blockages from that information coming out of the stone through you.  Your notes will form a poem resulting in your own HEART CHAKRA EXPANSION PROJECT, please know this love.